Apr 01, 2022

Financial Spring Cleaning for Your Small Business - A Three Step Guide to Increase Profit

Business spring cleaning - what is this you might ask?  A time to check-in with your business and tidy up any loose ends that might be costing you money.  Spring is one of the most energizing times of the year. After a long...

Mar 15, 2022

3 Things We Learned After 3 Years in Business

We can’t believe it’s been 3 years since we founded Grow CPA. We’ll always remember the excitement we felt when we had our first unofficial meeting and started talking about the ‘idea’ of starting a change...

Mar 01, 2022

Should I Incorporate?

What Every Canadian Small Business Owner Needs to Know

Here is what we will cover in this post:

  • What is a corporation?
  • The Benefits of Incorporating
  • The Downsides of Incorporation
  • The Bottom Line


Are you thinking...

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