We’re Ashli + Martina 

We founded Grow CPA with a BIG mission: to empower Canadian business owners with the financial knowledge and expertise they need to understand their numbers and make better business decisions.

Having spent many years in traditional accounting roles, we noticed that business owners needed more than just their annual filings, they needed guidance, education and coaching. 

In 2019, we left the cushy jobs, said goodbye to the old and leapt into entrepreneurship! And we haven’t looked back since (or worn a blazer for that matter).

Just a couple of short (and crazy) years into our journey, and we cannot express how grateful we are to our awesome clients and students. What started as a ‘what if…” conversation between two women in search of more has turned into a flourishing and fulfilling business. Pinch us!

Thank you for reading!

With gratitude, 

Ashli and Martina


"Alone we can do so little; together
we can do so much." 
– Helen Keller 

Meet Martina Morton - CPA, CMA

<h2>Meet Martina Morton - CPA, CMA</h2>
  • I hold a Bachelor of Mathematics, with honours in Business Administration from the University of Waterloo. It was there where I was introduced to the idea of becoming an accountant and set off to pursue my CPA designation.
  • My employment journey included several years of  working in finance for a Fortune 500 company in the GTA. There, I earned several company awards, completed a Six Sigma belt, and led a large scale cross-sector migration project to successful completion earning me an award called the Global Standards of Leadership.
  • In 2019 I took the leap into entrepreneurship with Ashli and I haven't looked back!

When I am not crunching numbers, you can find me…

  • Running miles on end with friends.
  • Spending time with my husband, dog and our three busy kids. 

I am most inspired by…

  • Stories of triumph and overcoming obstacles. From the time I was little, I loved to learn about others, hear about what was possible in the world to achieve. The first step is always to believe.

I do what I do because…

  • I want to help others create their own stories of triumph. To build their legacies, and in the process realize that numbers aren’t scary and can actually be fun and empowering.

The biggest change I want to see in the world is…

  • More women in leadership roles, placing people and planet above all else. 

Tea or coffee?

  • Coffee

"Entrusting Grow CPA with my business's accounting was a no-brainer from the first call I had with them. Knowledgeable, warm, efficient, and professional are just a few of the words I'd use to describe this firm and the feeling of ease they give me. They have alleviated a massive burden of work off my shoulders, and their virtual processes save me time and energy."

Katie Thorndyke

Meet Ashli Phippen – CPA, CA

Meet Ashli Phippen – CPA, CA
  • I have always enjoyed learning about and understanding finance. From saving and investing diligently when I had my first job to later graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Carleton University.
  • I spent the first 8 years of my career moving quickly up the ranks from co-op student to manager at a national public accounting firm.  There, I became adept at personal and corporate taxes and led financial engagements for some of Muskoka's largest businesses.  I then transitioned to a senior leadership role at a large regional non-profit overseeing accounting for a mutli-million dollar budget along with HR, IT and corporate strategy. 

When I am not crunching numbers, you can find me…

  • Meandering through our Muskoka forest behind my two little ones.

I am most inspired by…

  • Our human potential for growth and our power as individuals to be brave, change our lives and the lives of future generations.  We named our business for the growth mindset that I credit for successes I have had in my life and a mindset that I am nurturing in my children.

I do what I do because…

  • I co-founded Grow CPA to have more time with my family and more balance in my life.  I did just that and, in doing so, I realized that I have the knowledge and the influence to help other business owners achieve what matters most to them.

The biggest change I want to see in the world is…

  • More wealth in the hands of women and the rest will take care of itself. 

Tea or coffee?

  • Both

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