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Feb 01, 2022

How To Prepare for a Pain-Free Tax Season

Running a small business can be equal parts exciting and overwhelming. Exciting because you are building the business (and life) of your dreams and overwhelming because there are sooo many moving parts. You are the marketing, sales,...

Jan 27, 2022

Three tips for setting up your Business Finances correctly

There is just so much to consider when starting a business!
You’ll find lots of information on identifying your ideal client, perfecting your sales offering, pitching, social media marketing and more. We are here to...
Jan 06, 2022

4 Things every Canadian Sole Proprietor needs to know about Taxes

Oh taxes, what are they good for anyway? Well truth be told, a lot. It's a privilege to be earning enough money in your entrepreneurial journey to have to pay them. However, that still doesn't make the process of understanding and...
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