May 15, 2022

Do I have to report cash income? What you need to know

Has this ever happened to you?

You are enjoying a beauty service (eyelash extensions, anyone?). You finish up, head to the front desk to pay, and the business owner says, “If you pay cash you don’t have to pay tax.”...

May 01, 2022

3 ways to ensure your next tax season is pain free - a guide for Canadian entrepreneurs

If you are like most entrepreneurs we have worked with, tax season is not your favourite season. Preparing for tax season is synonymous with stress for many of you out there, and the pressure increases when you don't have the right...

Apr 15, 2022

Two ways to pay yourself from an incorporated business: salary vs. dividend

So you’ve taken a giant leap and incorporated your business...congrats! This is a significant milestone for many business owners. It signals that your business generates healthy profits and you can ‘leave’ money in the...

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