Seven Business Books for Your Summer Reading List

There is something about sunshine and fresh air that just feels that much more special with a book in your hands (or playing through your earbuds). 


Today, we've curated a list of of insightful books that can help you gain new perspectives, develop effective strategies, and inspire growth in your business endeavours. 


Let's dive in!

A few of the books we've personally read and found value in: 


Book: We Should All Be Millionaires 

Author: Rachel Rodgers 

Release Year: 2021 

Description: Rachel Rodgers challenges the notion that wealth is reserved for a select few and offers guidance on how to build a thriving business and create financial abundance. She empowers women and marginalized entrepreneurs to embrace their worth and achieve financial success.


Rachel effortlessly describes what a ‘million dollar decision’ is and what a ‘broke-ass decision’ is.  You'll see all your business decisions more clearly and effectively once you read this book! 


Book: Believe It 

Author: Jamie Kern Lima 

Release Year: 2021 

Description: Jamie Kern Lima, founder of IT Cosmetics, shares her journey from struggling entrepreneur to leading a billion-dollar brand. Through her inspirational story, she offers valuable lessons on overcoming self-doubt, navigating setbacks, and believing in your vision.


Filled with stories that will enlighten and challenge your mindset and beliefs around money and purpose.  This book was hard to put down! 


Book: Building a Story Brand 

Author: Donald Miller 

Release Year: 2017 

Description: Donald Miller introduces the concept of using storytelling principles to clarify your brand's message and engage customers. This book provides practical frameworks and actionable steps to help you craft a compelling brand narrative.


If you are in the beginning stages of business this book is very tactical.  For us it was a staple when we were creating our brand and our first website.


Book: Start with Why 

Author: Simon Sinek 

Release Year: 2009 

Description: Simon Sinek explores the power of identifying and communicating the fundamental "why" behind your business. By understanding your purpose and inspiring others to align with it, you can create a lasting impact and build a loyal customer base.


Another very tactical and also inspiring read.  This book was the motivation for us to sit down and write out our why statement and core values. Three years after doing so we still use them to help guide our decisions.


Books on our summer reading list: 


Book: Don't Keep Your Day Job 

Author: Cathy Heller 

Release Year: 2019 

Description: Cathy Heller encourages readers to pursue their creative passions and turn them into fulfilling careers. This book provides actionable steps and advice on finding work that aligns with your talents, values, and purpose.


Book: No Bootstraps When You're Barefoot 

Author: Wes Hall 

Release Year: 2022 

Description: Wes is a current Dragon on Dragon's Den. No Bootstraps When You're Barefoot is a memoir of his rise from a Jamaican Plantation to one of Canada's top business leaders.  We've heard nothing but incredible things and can't wait to dive into this one. 



Book: Women's Leadership & Saving the World

Author: Belinda Clemmens

Release Year: 2023

Description:  We had to list this one since it's written by a local author from our community. A powerful female leader and outspoken advocate for gender equality in the workplace and beyond.  Belinda has taken her lives work and lessons and poured them into her new book.  Join us in supporting her by adding this book to your summer read list. 


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Wishing you success in your business,

 - Martina + Ashli


Date published: June 19, 2023

Disclaimer - The information provided in this blog is general in nature and solely for educational purposes. Readers use and implementation of the information comes at their own risk and is their own responsibility. 



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