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Pt 1. Are you happier at home?

The world of work has changed quickly since March 2020 and we’re finally far enough into this “new normal” to start seeing stats about working from home, and working with businesses that work from home. Join us on this 2 part blog series as we look at what the numbers suggest in this strange time.

The “NEW” office

Since March 2020 individuals all over Canada have found themselves suddenly working from home and everyone is talking about the change. One of the most shared articles on Linkedin in 2020 so far was by John Barrows discussing how to work from home for the first time. Leaders in all industries faced an abrupt learning curve as they sought to re-learn everything they knew about managing their team. And now, months later, we’ve seen companies thrive and employees find joy and extra hours in their days.

Our work management software Karbon, recently released the results of a survey they conducted in the accounting field. They surveyed almost 1000 accountants from around the world to discover how the work from home trend was affecting individuals. While the percentage of those working from home doubled once Coronavirus became a concern, 61% of respondents reported being happier working from home, while only 18% wish to return to their offices. Of respondents, 76% report feeling just as or more productive working from home, and 84% of managers would agree. These are stunning results for a change that was both unplanned and unwanted.

Still, you dear reader, may think - but I am not an accountant. I have friends! I like people more than computers! And yet, Stats Can recently revealed results suggesting that 4.7 million Canadians made the switch to working from home on March 22, and are just as likely as their coworkers to be maintaining “good”, “very good” and “excellent” mental health. Employers in a variety of industries have gone on record indicating they are still seeing high levels of productivity, even at a time when their employees may have kids home with them at all times.

Leadership coaches have weighed in on these changes, and what sets companies up for successful work at home policies. Surprisingly, it isn’t the businesses that invest the most in technology that are thriving, but rather those that are able to balance communication, coordination (keeping everyone informed and moving towards the same goal) and culture according to Sean Graber. In short, businesses that value their employees and work culture are thriving, and that’s likely why we are seeing such impressive results in happiness and productivity. We certainly agree.