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P2. Working with a Virtual Accountant

While remote work businesses have been in our culture for years now, often it has seemed like an elusive ideal - reserved for techies in Silicon Valley or hipsters travelling the world. Even less explored was the idea of doing business with those you’ve never met in person. And yet since the coronavirus pandemic all of this has gone from elusive to strange to commonplace and helpful. Last week we discussed what employers are seeing from their remote teams during the pandemic, but for today we want to share the benefits of working with a virtual accounting and bookkeeping firm like Grow.

The most obvious benefit given our current climate is that working with a virtual based accountant there are no in person meetings and no travel to and from appointments. We’ve been able to leverage communication tools like Google Meet to provide our clients an alternative to face to face communication. Even as Ontario settles into this phase of reopening, we are glad that our online meetings allow us to continue social distancing and minimizing contact for our clients. In normal seasons of business, the remote meeting aspect means business owners that are already juggling multiple priorities don’t need to find additional time in their schedules to commute to a bricks and mortar office to meet with their accountant. This expands opportunities for business owners to work with an accountant they trust and understand, instead of limited by convenience of location.

As virtual accountants we continually embrace new apps or systems that allow us to bring more value to our clients. Whether that is through embracing technologies to ditch the shoe box of receipts or helping our clients feel confident completing and understanding their books. We have spent the time tracking down the best solutions for each business we support. Our current tech stack has a solution for everything!

We recently started using an app called Loom that allows us to record ourselves and our screens as we walk through complicated Quickbooks transactions, explanations of reports and brief tutorials on using time tracking software or Hubdoc. Our clients will always have access to these items online, whether they need to train a new staff on the task or simply refresh their memories - they can feel like we are right there with them walking them through the process step by step.

We love working online, and we enjoy working with business owners who work online as well, it’s a win-win in our eyes during the pandemic and beyond.